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The Tapestry of Odette pdf

The Tapestry of Odette pdf

The Tapestry of Odette by Nika Engel
The Tapestry of Odette
Author: Nika Engel
Number of Pages: 248 pages
Published Date: 27 Jul 2010
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Country: Bloomington IN, United States
Language: English
Type: eBook
ISBN: 9781450246675
File size: 46 Mb
Download Link: the tapestry of odette

The story of Odette, a schizophrenic girl caught between a cold reality in an abusive foster home and a bizarre set of fantasies where she is considered a god by her creations. But the intentions of the inhabitants of her psyche, divided into two warring factions, are even less clear than those of the people she encounters in her real world of school and never-ending therapy, which is ruled by her charismatic and psychotic best friend Anna. Her ability to distinguish between the two becomes gradually worse as her real life deteriorates and the complexities of her hallucinations increase. She finds herself both unwilling to choose a side and unable to influence the decisions of the two faction's leaders; Alexander, a cunning and manipulative High Priest, and Amelia, a ruthless assassin, who both wish to use her as a pawn to further their own goals.

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